PowerGlide 6″ Rosewood Mini Butt Cue Extension




PowerGlide 6″ Rosewood Mini Butt Cue Extension

This mini screw on extension is designed to fit into a PowerGlide ‘butt end joint’ to give that little extra cue length when required. This Rosewood extension has a polished finish, so suits cues with a Roswood butt section. The extension measures 6” in length. The male joint on the extension will fit directly into the female ‘butt end joint’ of some Powerglide cues (listed below). The PowerGlide ‘Quick Action’ joint enables players to secure the extension to the cue or shaft precisely and quickly.

Length:  6″ (15cm) – + 2cm for the protruding male joint
Extended Length:  Does not extend
Joint:  Male ‘Quick Action’ male joint
Material:  Rosewood
Suitable for Cues:  Endeavour, Paramount, Diplomat, Diamond Red, Status, Executive, Statesman,   Viscount, Control, Axas   3/4


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