Bull’s B-Grip 2 TTB Blue Dart Stems Short




Bull’s B-Grip 2 TTB Blue Dart Stems Short

The second generation of polycarbonate halves from BULL’S convinces thanks to the enormous hold of the flight in the shaft.

The good grip of the first B-Grip generation is perfected by the improved manufacturing process of the new B-Grip-2 generation. This shaft is also extremely stable and still offers a simple flight shot. The supplied wider aluminum ring can additionally fix the flight to the shaft if required.

All models of the new B-Grip-2 generation have the standard 2BA thread.

The B-Grip-2 TTB version is available in three different colours and in lengths m = 48mm (1.2g), i/m = 41mm (1.0g), s = 35mm (0.8g), xs = 28mm (0.7g).


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